Sentinel™ Compliance Platform

Truth Technologies’ Sentinel™ is a highly effective secure web-based customizable global customer verification resource for organizations in the United States and around the world. Sentinel™ provides USA PATRIOT ACT compliance, OFAC compliance, PEP screening, and customer identification. Data can be entered manually or automatically from your existing systems.

Custom-designed to provide fast, accurate identity verification, Sentinel™ performs several forms of identity matching including by the individual’s name and date of birth, organization, address, and other pieces of information. Like no other product on the market Sentinel™ has the lowest false positive rate in the business.

You need to reduce your organization’s operation, reputation and compliance risk quickly and in a cost effective manner. The best product to accomplish this is Sentinel™. Truth Technologies can have your organization up and running on Sentinel™ the same day you become a customer. To get this process started please contact us for a price quote or request a demo.



  • Incident Workflow Management – Allows users to review matches and document whether the match is a verified true match or a false positive. Matches can be marked as under review while additional information is gathered.

  • New Data Alert and Continuous Customer Monitoring – Allows clients to automatically re-screen customers and filter out matches that are identical to the results of the last screening process.

  • Reporting and Searching – Powerful reporting allows clients to search for matches and summary data using multiple filter criteria such as date run, result type, user, batch process job, and much more. All reports are sortable and can be exported as pdf or MS Excel documents.

  • Industry Leading PEP Support – Integrated with World-Check’s highly structured database of Politically Exposed Persons and High Risk Individuals.

  • Low False Positives – Secondary matching criteria such as date of birth and citizenship are used to eliminate erroneous matches. In addition the matching sensitivity for each data source can be adjusted on the fly by the client.

  • FinCen 314(a) Support -Upload your FinCen list into Sentinel™ to allow all your customers to be screened against the list.

Enhanced Due Diligence Reports

In today’s fast-paced business environment, organizations are faced with the increasing challenge of managing regulatory, reputation, and compliance risks while trying to build and grow their business. Growing demands on internal resources often cause delays in clearing clients or prospective business partners, damaging the relationship and, at times, missing what could have been valuable business opportunities.

At Truth Technologies Inc. we recognize there is no one-size-fits-all approach to due diligence and work with our clients to provide enhanced due diligence options that are proportionate to their risk exposure and business needs.

Enhanced Due Diligence reports are available in a variety of report formats and can provide comprehensive background information on individuals and organizations, anywhere in the world.