Getting started with your compliance program

Software solutions

TTI’s software engineering team is available to do customized solutions and integration work for our clients. In addition to our focus on the financial sector Sentinel integration, TTI has also provided one off solutions for industries ranging from the government sector, shipping and transportation, to support for non-profit organizations.

TTI specializes in web-based application development. Our enterprise solutions incorporate component architectures (J2EE or .NET) along with third party platforms (BEA, IBM, Oracle). For projects of limited scope and budget, but with open ended needs, TTI will use open source tools (Apache, MySQL, Tomcat) that can be migrated easily to more robust commercial offerings when the need, and budget, become apparent.

TTI Consulting prides itself on being a ‘best of breed’ provider and therefore uses whatever technology is best suited to a customer’s needs.

Sentinel one-time screening

One of the Sentinel™ system’s most powerful capabilities is the 48-hour turnaround screening of large groups of customers. You simply provide us with your customer data in any format, and we’ll check all the data using the Sentinel™ One-Time Screenings (OTS) system. This customizable and flexible service uses only the data sources you specify, including private databases. A highly cost-effective solution, OTS is ideal for:

  • One-off lists, such as merged companies
  • Secondary offering client lists

Credit card lists and rescreening lists to ensure a client hasn’t gotten onto a watch list since they were first screened

Results can be returned directly to the customer in XML documents, excel spreadsheets or can be accessed directly through the Sentinel™ application.

Please contact us for more information about One-Time Screenings.