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AML & KYC Regulations for Healthcare Facilities

The healthcare industry is one of the biggest in the world. It is an industry that never sleeps, operating 24 hours per day seven days per week to take care of patients. Healthcare organizations are seen as performing an essential human service. Unfortunately, there are also people who try to take advantage of this service.

The healthcare industry is a target for money laundering. Financial criminals will try to clean dirty money by moving it through the healthcare industry. For this reason, healthcare organizations need to protect themselves.

Truth Technologies is dedicated to protecting organizations, such as healthcare companies, from money launderers and other financial criminals. We are proud to be one of the leading providers of AML protection. Please learn more about how we can assist you and your healthcare company by protecting against money laundering activity.

What is Money Laundering?

While many people think about money laundering as a crime that takes place in banks, it also is a major problem in the healthcare field. Some of the ways that someone might try to commit financial crimes in healthcare include:

The goal of any money laundering activity is to clean dirty money using healthcare companies as an intermediary. It is important for healthcare companies to guard against this dangerous practice.

Why the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare organizations such as hospitals are a common target for money laundering for a few reasons. These include:

The healthcare industry is a vulnerable area for those looking to commit money laundering. For this reason, all healthcare companies need to have robust policies and procedures in place to protect themselves against illicit financial activities.

Money Laundering Regulations in the Field of Healthcare

It is critical for every healthcare organization to make sure they comply with rules and regulations regarding money laundering. These regulations have been installed by FINRA and the United States government. Some of the relevant regulations that all healthcare companies need to follow include:

Healthcare organizations need to make sure they remain in compliance with these regulations to protect themselves against potential fines and sanctions.

Red Flags for Money Laundering in Healthcare

Healthcare is a frequent target for money laundering. Some of the key signs of money laundering in this field include:

The good news is that there are ways for healthcare organizations to protect themselves against money laundering.

Know Your Customer (KYC) Practices in Healthcare

One of the most important tools that healthcare organizations can use to protect themselves is called Know Your Customer (KYC). KYC is important because these policies can protect hospitals against fraudulent activity while also reducing their risk. The goal of KYC is to make sure that healthcare organizations know everything about a potential client or business partner before making any business deals with that entity. Some of the important information that is collected through KYC include:

KYC is an important part of anti-money laundering (AML) practices.

Premier AML Screening from Truth Technologies, Inc. (TTI)

Truth Technologies is one of the top organizations in the world when it comes to anti-money laundering (AML) protection and screening. We rely on innovative specialists in compliance, AML, anti-fraud, and consumer identity verification. We have positioned ourselves to provide premier AML benefits including:

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As a healthcare company, it is important for you to protect your clients, patients, and employees against money laundering. Therefore, please give us a call today to learn more about our services and our free tool demos. Trust TTI for all of your anti-money laundering (AML) and KYC needs.







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