Politically Exposed Person (PEP) Screening Software & Solutions

A politically exposed person, or PEP, is someone entrusted with a prominent public function. With the help of PEP screening, a business can more effectively determine whether an individual is a PEP or in close connection with a PEP. The individuals, because of their position and influence, are at a higher risk of becoming involved in corruption or bribery. Because of the high risk that PEPs pose, it’s important to implement screening for PEPs as soon as possible when opening an account, doing a transaction, etc. as a measure of KYC or due diligence.

Why PEP Screening Software Is Needed to Protect Your Business

Screening for PEPs and complying with the regulations in place for PEP screening can help prevent illegal financial actions. At Truth Technologies, we can ensure your business is protected with some of the most innovative PEP screening technology.

 Your business will benefit from additional protection by identifying those high-risk individuals with accuracy and efficiency.

Using Truth Technologies Sentine™ product for PEP screening, you’ll be able to secure your business and eliminate the challenges of due diligence. We also provide Enhanced Due Diligence (Would it be worth it to add an internal link to our EDD page here?) reports to further improve PEP screening processes. Our solutions come with numerous features to allow you to easily screen for PEPs and avoid potential shortcomings such as false positives and compliance issues.

Benefits of Truth Technologies PEP Screening

Our AML screening technology will provide you with everything needed for the accurate identification and verification of AML risks without any hassle. There are several specific benefits that come with our AML screening product, including:

Get Started with a PEP Screening Solution from Truth Technologies

To learn more about how our PEP screening solution works, request a PEP screening tool demo today and we’ll show you what makes our tool one of the best you can use for due diligence and KYC. You’ll see what makes our software ideal for screening for PEPs along with other monitoring and reporting tasks. You’ll benefit from improved automation and less hassle, giving you full control over your operations.