Proven Business Continuity Through Covid-19 - A Message from Truth Technologies' CEO

We at Truth Technologies hope that the pandemic was (is) not difficult for you.  At Truth Technologies we weathered the storm by adding the useful to the necessary: we triggered our business continuity plan on March 11th, thereby testing it in the real world in a real crisis.

I am happy to report that we did not encounter major issues. We were able during the same time to successfully complete a SOC 2 investigation by 360 Advanced. Please feel free to ask for more information at

We also worked hard on several innovations. As of now, new and diversified data are available for Sentinel users, thanks to new partnerships and new developments. Since March, despite the pandemic, the company has been growing, hiring several very skilled people to expand the development, operations, and sales departments. We are still hiring, as featured in our job offers on the company’s website.

You will see that we have launched a couple of versions of our Sentinel Classic. As a by-product of those developments, easy access to additional data will be available to support remediation in North America and Europe. To our presence in Luxembourg since 2011, we are adding a London office soon, to support the launch of the new products. Truth Technologies is also pleased to announced that through the pandemic we have continued to excel thanks to our loyal customers. Because of this we are successfully launching our new product during the first quarter of 2022.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. And please stay safe and healthy. We will always be there to hold the line!