Sentinel Compliance Platform™

Truth Technologies’ web-based Sentinel Compliance Platform (SCP) is used by organizations around the world. It is a secure, scalable, customizable, global customer verification solution.

Sentinel Compliance Platform™ provides screening services and customer identification to suit all types of compliance needs. Sanctions lists, PEP lists, adverse media, and enforcement lists are all available to screen entities against. Data can be entered manually, either ad-hoc or in batch files. Data can also be entered automatically from your existing systems with REST API connections.

The Sentinel Compliance Platform™ has been custom-designed to provide fast and accurate identity verification, allowing users to know exactly who they are doing business with. Several forms of identity matching including individual or organization’s name, date of birth, citizenship, address, ID number, and more allow for the lowest false positive rate in the business

You need to expand business growth without increasing risk exposure in a cost effective manner. The best product to accomplish this is Sentinel Compliance Platform™.




Automated customer on-boarding eliminates the need to manually enter data. Manage your team or work together with search allocation. Sentinel’s low false positive rate, advanced filtering criteria, and Continuous Monitoring features dramatically reduce occurrences of matches requiring review by up to 85%.



Since 1996, the knowledgeable staff at Truth Technologies has always been available to assist. Utilizing powerful ticketing tools with a personal touch, you can get all your questions answered quickly and easily.

Retail Banks


Add or remove users with ease. Set up groups quickly and easily allowing for the greatest user autonomy. Scalable by size of organization, Sentinel allows you to set up your teams exactly as you wish and to change the set up as often as needed.

Credit Unions


Advanced user interface allows for smooth workflows through searching, remediation, reporting, and more. The Sentinel dashboard provides a wealth of information at a glance utilizing instructional graphs, allowing a user to see exactly what is occurring in their own or their team’s environment.

Next Gen


Hosted solution provides automatic system, software, and database updates. Batch processing and real time integration can be accomplished in less than one day. Or host your own solution with easy set-up supported by our experienced technical staff.

Decentralized Exchange


Language capabilities include English, Spanish, and French and international watch list support for names and addresses. Native language searching available, both when searching and when comparing aliases. 


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