Truth Technologies at age 22!

Truth Technologies at age 22!

Today Truth Technologies Inc. (TTI) enters its 23rd year in the business of regulatory compliance solutions.  In the history of financial crime compliance, TTI has been a trailblazer from the early beginnings in the development of anti-money laundering solutions more than 22 years ago.

Founded by Egide Thein in late 1996, TTI offers state-of-the-art know-your-customer (“KYC”), counter-terrorism financing (“CTF”), anti-money-laundering (“AML”), customer identification program (“CIP”), sanctions and fraud detection solutions for any business that is subject to KYC, CTF, AML, or CIP rules and regulations.  Its solutions are customizable and flexible, providing compliance with the US Patriot Act, US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), US Banking Secrecy Act (BSA), the UK Bribery Act, the EU Anti-Money Laundering  Directives, and other foreign national governments’ and international organizations’ equivalents.  TTI can screen against any government or regulatory sanction list (including OFAC, UN, and EU), politically exposed persons (PEP) lists, and private-party black lists.

TTI’s “Sentinel” screening service is known for having the lowest false positive and the lowest false negative results in the industry. TTI adds further value to its clients by archiving each client’s searches for regulatory compliance and audits. It offers a continuous AML-KYC monitoring program to ensure ongoing compliance. A customer’s AML risk assessment might call for further investigations. TTI routinely can provide “Enhanced Due Diligence” (EDD) investigations from anywhere in the world in the form of written reports.

“Sentinel” is also a solution that passes recently enhanced technology tests by regulators. It is compliant with the stringent European privacy laws, the “General Data Protection Regulations” (GDPR). It is SOC II certified as well as OWASP certified.  It was approved for a major client in France for CNIL regulations (Centre National de l’Information et des Libertés).

Truth Technologies does business as General Fintech in Florida and as General Compliance in Luxembourg. It has offices in Florida and Luxembourg and operates servers in the US, Cayman Islands, the UK, Germany and Switzerland. TTI plans on additional locations in the Middle and Far East to better serve its customers worldwide.  Current TTI clients include financial institutions (central banks, commercial banks, investment banks, investment funds, and broker dealers), insurance companies, casinos, law firms, consulting firms, law enforcement, e-Commerce companies, and fortune 500 corporations.

TTI is presently recruiting several unique talents to contribute in finalizing a new RegTech development in early 2019.