Current TV worth more than Cargolux

Qatar owned Al Jazeera bought ramshackle “Current TV” owned among others by former Vice President Al Gore for $500 million. Which is a valuation of $150 million more than another Qatari company, Qatar Airways made for Cargolux.

Luc Frieden should get in touch with Al Gore and learn some ropes of the trade. Current TV has about 40,000 viewers on average, less than C-Span if I may guess. Or my hometown’s Town Hall Public Access TV.

What are the chances of success? Quite uncertain. Al Jazeera has to get rid of a reputation of anti-Americanism first. The cultural hurdle and the recent history are real obstacles. But, good negotiations, Al Gore. And Al Jazeera, you bought the right levers.

A tale of two Als: Why Al Gore sold out to Al Jazeera

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