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Alleged Crown Casino Anti Money Laundering Compliance Failure

CCTV footage shows a man walking up to a counter in a private room at Crown Casino in Melbourne. He is carrying a small cooler lunch bag and as he unzips the bag at the counter, stacked  bundles of AUD $50 and $100 are visible in the bag. Then, the man proceeds to exchange hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash for casino chips. This footage was released by a whistleblower worried about the casino’s anti money laundering compliance system.

Crown Casino and other casinos are required to have solutions in place for counter-terrorism financing and anti money laundering risks. A casino in the UK was recently fined £5.9m for a three year lapse in anti money laundering compliance. A Crown Casino spokesperson stated that the casino “has a comprehensive Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF)” and “has a strong history of compliance with and commitment to its AML/CTF obligations and we work closely with law enforcement and regulatory agencies in support of that commitment”.

Watch some of the footage and read more in this article.

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