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FIBA 2022 AML Compliance Conference

Who is FIBA?

FIBA is back! The Florida International Bankers Association (FIBA) was founded over 40 years ago and is a nonprofit trade association and an international center for financial success. The core mission of FIBA is to provide world class education through training and certification to members of the global financial community.  In a new hybrid-style model, FIBA is hosting the 2022 AML Compliance conference from February 28th – March 2nd 2022.

FIBA 2022 AML Compliance Conference

The 2022 FIBA AML compliance conference aims to provide education to financial institutions (FI’s) to help navigate the growing list of compliance rules and regulations that have populated since the pandemic. The 3-day event will connect regulators and law enforcement to industry experts to exchange and collaborate on information. There will also be time to view the latest industry products, trends, technology, and strategies that will help FI’s navigate that new regulatory environment. Topics will range from Updates on AMLA regulations, Cryptocurrency, Cyber Security, Sanctions and more. Truth Technologies, the leading innovator of AML and KYC compliance technologies, will be present at Booth #9, so be sure to stop by and chat with us about how we are providing services to help with growing compliance regulations.

Miami’s Past and Present

It is no secret that Miami used to be a haven for criminals committing nefarious acts to gain financial advantage. And in the 1980’s these drug dealers and drug traffickers flushed Miami with lots of dirty money. This put Miami’s reputation in the dumps because of the amount of unwanted criminals laundering money through the system, and because of the banks that helped those criminals commit the illegal acts. It took Miami years to recover from this reputation.

However, Miami is not out of the woods yet. Regulators are finding themselves battling new types of money laundering- through real estate and mortgage loans- not banks.  These criminals are creating overseas shell companies to hide their identities while they purchase high price real estate with their illegally gained money.  Unfortunately, Miami does not have a solid plan for combatting this type of money laundering, but it is on the radar for regulators and is just a matter of time before these activities get the clamp down.  There is legislation in proposal that would force shell companies to expose their identities to reveal who the shadowy characters are behind these real estate purchases. These schemes not only hurt our economy and our current housing crisis, but also may have ties to terrorism, or others who seek to undermine democracy. That is why having the best AML and KYC compliance at your fingertips is crucial to doing business right.

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FIBA 2022 AML Conference Tips & Tricks 

The main bulk of the conference is hosted over 3 days and you need to plan to make the most of that time. The networking events are endless, including breakfast and luncheon meetings, there are lots of opportunities to get to know everyone. There are numerous speakers and panels to attend to learn all the new trends and procedures involved with anti-money laundering practices. Please check out the program for the conference here. 

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